We have a reputation in the Insurance area as a robust and aggressive defence counsel and we are further involved in defending third party claims and recovery of third party outlays. Further in insurance, we advise clients and prepare legal and contractual documents covering underwriting, bonds, guarantees as well as re-insurance contracts. Besides the foregoing, we prosecute insurance claims with the aim of achieving compensation for accident victims or other insured who have legitimate claims.



We have several years of experience in serving high profile clientele.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Case duration depends on several factors, some of which are beyond our control. However, based on our records, it may take 2 weeks to 12 months depending on complexities.

The Firm has an outstanding track record in Civil Litigation as well as Criminal litigation. The litigation department combines vitality, depth and experience which it calls upon in undertaking the entire range of areas of commercial law, constitutional law, employment and labour law, intellectual property law, tax law, procurement law, debt collection and securities, election petitions, judicial review among others.

With a combination of expertise and strategic case management, the department ensures that all clients’ interests are protected and well taken care of, and to their satisfaction.

Yes. Our Commercial Unit advises on commercial transactions including business and asset acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, syndications and restructurings including the financing thereof.

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