How To Become Practical In House Lawyer

In this article, you will learn how to become a lawyer in Kenya, the skills needed to be one, the education background for this career and job related information among much more.

A lawyer is person who is licensed to practice law and whose main obligation is to uphold the law as well as protecting the rights of their clients.

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To fulfill the requirements of becoming a lawyer, you have to follow this procedure;

  • Completing your Secondary school education

This is the first step of becoming a lawyer. The minimum grade required to pursue a law degree is B plain with C+ in English for private sponsored students and A- (minus).

  • Enrolling for a law degree

At this step, you can enroll as a privately sponsored student or as a regular student sponsored by the government. It can be quite tough during course selection for government sponsored students because the course is quite competitive.The course takes 5 years after which you go to the next step.

  • Join Kenya School of Law for a Diploma in Law

Once you complete your degree course, you are supposed to join Kenya School of law for a Diploma course failure to which you won’t be allowed to practice law. This course takes one year.

  • Admission to the bar

This is the final step. After graduating from Kenya School of Law, you will be issued with a certificate of practice after which you become an advocate of the High Court.

Lawyer’s key skills

Communication skills, problem solving skills, self-confidence, interpersonal skills, time consciousanalytical skills among others.

What does a Lawyer do?

Lawyers are tasked with offering legal advice to clients as well as representing them in legal matters,

Job opportunities

Lawyers are employed by the government in different departments or state agencies, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, banking institutions, law firm and advocacy institutions among others.

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